Published 10. September 2021

Candeno and Lehrmann Ventures join forces!

Digitalising the job application process gets turbo charged

Candeno has had great succes digitalising the job application process in multiple municipalities, employment funds and educational institutions across Denmark – and only from the existing client base, has it been possible to develop and improve the product to its current standard.

The investment from Lehrmann Ventures into Candeno, will provide the four founders with further financial strength to continue its journey towards a better experience for all parties in a job application process.

Matias Bøgvad, the CEO and co-founder of Candeno; “We are extremely thankful for the customers and collaborations we are involved with today and we want to create a great experience for all job applicants – with the investment from Lehrmann Ventures, we are able to continue this journey!”

At Lehrmann Ventures, we are extremely happy about the partnership with Candeno and we look forward to make the job application process seamless and a good experience for all job applicants!

Read more about Candeno here (site in Danish)!!

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