Published 7. August 2020

Lehrmann Ventures partners with digital marketing gurus to help Danish startups grow

Lehrmann Ventures has partnered with some of Denmark’s most prominent specialists within digital marketing and conversion optimisation, to help Danish entrepreneurs maximise growth.

To create excessive growth for startups

The team of specialists will swiftly and efficiently help startups increase traffic to their sites and convert visitors to customers. 

With the collaboration Lehrmann Ventures wishes to offer startups access to specialist competences within digital markting and conversion optimisation, which is a necessity for the successful digitale startup company today. 

Taking digital startups to the next level with 5 core competencies

Immediately, startups will be able to tap into core competencies such as Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Email/SMS Marketing. 

To master these core competencies, Lehrmann Ventures has partnered with

  • The Marketing Guy (Social Media) link
  • Anton Hoelstad (Search Engine Marketing) link
  • Heymedia (Search Engine Optimisation), link
  • Benjamin Gundgaard (Conversion), link
  • Ackermann (Email/SMS marketing), link

With the partnership, Lehrmann Ventures looks forward to helping digital startup companies grow!

Read the full article in Danish here

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