Jan Dal Lehrmann

Founder of Lehrmann Ventures

After exiting Bilbasen and Benjamin Media Jan Dal Lehrmann has dedicated his life to investing in start-ups. With Jan’s extensive experience within Leadership and Management, Digital Strategy, E-commerce, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Partnerships and much more, he aims to grow companies to the next level.

As the founding farther of Lehrmann Ventures, Jan focuses his energy on setting the strategic direction for Lehrmann Ventures and many of the larger partnerships. He is especially keen on applying data to support his decisions while remaining planted with both feet on the ground as an investor.

You will find Jan either running or preparing for next year’s 90km cross-country race in Vasa, Sweden or next to an espresso coffee machine, brewing his very own caffé latte before heading in to his next meeting.

Martin Lobbato Laursen

Investment Manager at Lehrmann Ventures

Holding a Master’s degree in Finance from Aarhus University in Denmark and the CFA Charterholder accreditation, Martin has a financial and data driven mentality in his approach to investing and decision making. Before joining Lehrmann Ventures, Martin has gained first hand experience from Saxo Bank, ATP Real Estate and latest from the start-up scene at his position at Deloitte Financial Advisory in Copenhagen. For two years, Martin had a large focus on advising start-ups and scale-ups in relation to their financing strategies, capital raising processes and much more.

At Lehrmann Ventures, Martin focuses his energy on investing in startups and making sure that the portfolio companies make the right decisions. He is especially excited about founders that are able to transform their passion into businesses, and he enjoys the journey that follows when scaling to the next level.

You will find Martin listening to the most recent podcast on shows like “How I built This”, “Invest Like The Best” and “Masters In Business” if he’s not reading a classic startup eBook. Martin also loves being active, either through sports, or going on an adventurous trip to other parts of the world!

Carina Lüth Vienberg

CFO at Lehrmann Ventures

With a Diploma in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, Carina has all eyes on the financials with a practical problem-solving mindset. Carina started her career in auditing before transferring into a role at CFO Services at Deloitte, where she helped startup and scaleup companies to implement best-practice solutions within finance and HR. She spent the last four years heading the finance departments in a group of startup companies (Graduateland,, Starfly Media and Hobbii). The last two of those years, Carina held the position as CFO at Hobbii.

At Lehrmann Ventures, Carina spends most of her time keeping tap on our investments’ financial performance, prepping budgets with our founders and occasionally serves as interim CFO for our portfolio companies. Carina loves Excel and gets excited helping our founders with new processes and IT tools, allowing our founders to focus on growing their businesses. 

You will mostly find Carina “on-the-go”, throwing weights around at the CrossFit center, bouldering or running OCR. When Carina is not breaking a sweat, she knits (exclusively dosh cloths in knit), does +1000 pieces jigsaw puzzles and rides her motorcycle. 

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